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It can be hard to admit that you're unhappy, and even harder to know where to turn.

We often rely on our friends and family for support - but what about those issues that we don't feel comfortable sharing?

You might feel guilty or embarrassed about your problems; perhaps you feel alone, or like no-one understands you?

You might not want to burden the people who you love - those same people might even be part of the troubles.

Whatever your reasons, suffering in silence can be a lonely, damaging and frightening experience - but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Whoever you are, and whatever your background, professional help through counselling and psychotherapy can help you feel better - it provides the safe environment to help you understand, manage and overcome the things that are holding you back.

Counselling and Psychotherapy for Individuals

I’m a counsellor, psychotherapist, supervisor, trainer and accredited member of the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP)
I‘m based in Nottingham and have 20 years experience of providing high quality counselling and psychotherapy aimed at helping people to overcome their individual problems. My specialist areas include the following

  • Abuse

  • Addiction

  • Anger management

  • Anxiety

  • Bereavement and loss

  • Bullying

  • Compulsions

  • Depression/low mood

  • Eating disorders

  • Identity problems

  • Phobias

  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

  • Relationship problems

  • Sexuality

  • Transgender issues

  • Trauma - including childhood

  • Workplace issues

  • Please take time to look through my site. I’ve tried to explain my philosophy and answer some common questions that people have at the beginning of counselling or psychotherapy.

    Whether it’s daily stress or the fallout from a major life event - I’ll give you the time, the space and the support to find answers and to make
    meaningful changes.

    I know from experience that sharing our problems can be a positive and life changing experience, when it is to someone who really listens and does not judge us. If that’s important for you too, you’re ready to talk and you’re looking for a counsellor in Nottingham, then I’m here to listen.

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    Counselling and Psychotherapy for Relationships and Couples

    Is your relationship threatened by a particular problem or a recurring issue? Are you struggling to understand or accept each other's point of view?

    All relationships face challenges - as a couples counsellor I will help you explore those challenges in a safe, blame-free environment. Regardless of age, orientation, background or status, counselling can benefit all relationships.

    If you're encountering problems with trust, communication or your expectations of each other, this is the chance to sit down with an experienced counsellor to speak honestly and to learn about one another - to explore what you both need and deserve from your relationship.

    Together we'll address your concerns. We'll look for solutions, to ensure that you both move forward with honesty and freedom.

    I won't judge, blame or take sides - my aim as your counsellor is to help you both find the answers that you need for a fulfilling, healthy future.

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    Counselling and Psychotherapy for Men’s Issues

    Today, 30% of people receiving counselling or psychotherapy in the UK are male and that figure continues to rise.They are receiving support from their counsellors or psychotherapists because they are normal human beings, who are in difficulty at this point in their lives.

    All of us, male or female, will have doubts, hurt and anxieties as we deal with the twists and turns of life. Being male should not preclude your right to support. It’s not weak to ask for help and “Being a man” doesn’t have to mean suffering in silence or facing things alone.

    It always takes honesty and courage to confront our problems, but I can help you meet that challenge.

    Do You Have Trouble Sleeping?

    It’s widely acknowledged that we need good quality sleep in order for us to feel fit and healthy. So many of us struggle though, to get the rest we need, either because we cannot drop off to sleep or because we are wakeful later in the night.

    We can reach a state where we are anxious about going to bed, wondering whether tonight will be another night when we can’t sleep and then we find ourselves in a vicious circle - the more we are anxious, the more we can’t sleep, the more we can’t sleep, the more we are anxious.

    We may well turn to alcohol or “self medicate” in other ways but these are likely to do just as much long term damage as the lack of sleep.

    I can help you move towards a healthy, regular sleep pattern, where you will come to understand and trust your body’s natural ability to sleep, whenever it needs it.

    Poor sleep doesn’t have to continue to have a negative impact on your life, so call me to find out how I can help or maybe to arrange an initial meeting.

    What Do Clients Say?

    Here’s what Hollie had to say after recently finishing therapy

    "You never pushed me beyond what I was capable of accepting at the time and I always felt that you knew what it was like for me to be me."

    "I know you will say that I did all of the work, but without you at exactly the right time, I would still be in that painful place. You helped me to live my life for the first time and to learn to enjoy it."

    “Chosing the right counsellor to work with was vital. I was so fortunate to have you here in Nottingham on my doorstep.”

    You can read other comments on the Testimonials page. If you find them helpful I hope you will get in touch with me - either for a chat or to arrange an initial meeting.

    Location and Contact

    I’m based in Aspley, on the Nottingham ring road. NCT and Rainbow bus services stop 2 minutes walk away and the NET tram stop is also nearby. Junction 26 of the M1 Motorway is 5 minutes away and so I’m easily accessed if you are coming from Mansfield, Newark, Derby, Leicester or Sheffield.

    I’m a member of the UK Council for Psychotherapists (UKCP) and my work is guided by their Codes of Ethical Practice

    If you’re looking for for a skilled, highly experienced counsellor or psychotherapist here in Nottingham and you’d like to know more, I’d be delighted to talk to you. You can email me too, if you prefer. Either way just get in touch. I don’t charge for first contact and there’ll be no pressure on you to commit to sessions.

    07709 730449

    Email: [email protected]

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